Memorial to Our Past Instructors

Sensei Ralph Chiaradia (In Memoriam)

Sensei Chiaradia (ki a ra di a ) started his aikido journey in 1964 when Aikido was first introduced to the United States. His training began by traveling to New York to study with the newly formed New York Aikikai. Shortly thereafter he started his own dojo as a way to continue his training outside of New York and thereby established the first Aikido Dojo in Connecticut in 1965, the 13th Aikido dojo in the US.

Sensei Chiaradia along with his daughter Joanna continued training in New York for many years along with attending Aikido Summer camps throughout the East Coast during the 60ís, and continuing into the early 80's. Sensei Chiaradia has trained under Koichi Tohei, Yamada, Mauriyama, Kanai, Chiba, Saotome and other direct students of Uyeshiba, the founder of Aikido.

He was strongly influenced by Koichi Tohei, who he trained under numerous times when he visited our country. He was fortunate to become friends with Tohei. Tohei is credited with bringing Aikido to our country, and is recognized by many as being at the highest level of Aikido, along with Uyeshiba.

Sensei Chiaradia follows the traditional style of aikido based on Ki and mind and body coordination. Focusing on power through softness and Aikido as a way of moving. Sensei Chiaradia's 46 years of study have given him a deep understanding of training safely for the long term without physically wearing out your body or causing permanent damage.

Sensei Joanne Chiaradia Tedone (In Memoriam)

Sensei Joanna Chiaradia Tedone began her aikido career in 1964 at the age of 9. She began her training with her father, Sensei Ralph Chiaradia, together they went to many training sessions in New York and Boston, and weeklong Aikido camps around the country. They established Aikido of Connecticut in 1965. Sensei Joanna's enthusiasm for Aikido and the joy she shared with her father teaching enabled the Dojo to successfully operate for over 44 years, without sensei Joanna the Dojo would not exist today. She was precious to all whose lives she touched both on and off the Aikido mat.

A memorial to Sensei Joanna was held at the Dojo on February 28, 2008 to commemorate the life and Aikido of Sensei Joanna. Aikidoist and friends gathered to celebrate her love of Aikido holding a class that featured her favorite koyku-nage techniques. Class was taught by her father Ralph Chiaradia Sensei. Before students began practicing each technique he shared many found memories of Joanna's 44 years of Aikido. It was a joyous celebration of her life and spirit.

Tribute of Sensei Joanna Chiaradia Tedone 


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